MORE ABOUT 432 vs 440...

In this short text I would like to look at the numbers of 432 and 440 hz as well as the number 90 and its general numerical meaning. The BPAM (Beat Per Arc Minute) value of 90 (Beat Per Minute) for the natural frequency tuning of 432 Hz is very much linked together as a pulsating sound of light (27/3=9, 3*144=432).

Breath, the life force Prana!

Michael Schneider describes the numbers 1 through 12 and the language of geometric patterns in nature in his book  “A Beginners Guide to Constructing the Universe, The Mathematical Archetypes of Nature, Art and Science”.

  • One and Two: Unity and Polarity

  • Three: Tri-Unity

  • Four: Fair and Square

  • Five: The Flag of Life (Pentagram, Fibonacci Numbers and Golden Section)

  • Six: The Joy of Six

  • Seven: The Virgin Number

  • Eight: Periodic Renewal

  • Nine: The Horizon

  • Ten: New Unity

  • Eleven: The PassageWay

  • Twelve: Cosmic Dozens

The blind compulsion of fate is due to the way behavior repeats itself through imprinting itself on the human organism, NLP-style Our bondage to karma resides in this: behaviorally, we imitate ourselves

Number 4
The number four (4 = Tetrad) is associated with physical manifestation and its representative forms, the square, cube and tetrahedron. It takes three points to make a surface, but it takes a fourth to define depth and volume (three dimensional space and structure).

Fourness is the essence of volume, underlying the forms of crystals and creatures, and is a symbol of earth, manifestation and the four states of matter (“mater” or mother) shaping and clothing the designs of nature, arts, crafts and architecture. It appears worldwide as a number of directions and migrations, represented everywhere from goddess art to divinatory board games.

Number 3
The number three (3 = Triad) is the first form to come out of the Vesica piscis. Three is the first number to succeed its “parents” (1 and 2). It is the only number of infinitely many, to equal the sum of all terms below it (3=2+1).

In visible light and color pigments there are three fundamental colors from where others arise: Red, Blue, Green pigment. Colors of light and colors of pigment build in opposite directions.

The principles of the Triad are omnipresent. It goes past the oscillations of polarity by synthesizing a new whole, the function of balance appears, natural forms become stable structures. The triangle enables opposites to balance and transcend to a new wholeness they couldn’t achieve by themselves. A third leg makes a tripod stable, neutrons balance atoms… The appearance of trinities permeates nature and is used worldwide in religious symbols as well as in spiritual art which uses the unseen triangular frame to convey archetypal power.

Number 2
The number two (2 = Dyad) is the door between one system and the other, from one to the many. Two circles, the one mirrored gives not only the birth of the line, but also the Vesica piscis. The circles intersect across each others center to form a line and the ancient symbol of twoness; where the overlapping space between is the Vesica piscis, the almond opening through which all other numbers and shapes are born.

The Dyad is the basis of every creative process. It shows up as rhythmic oscillation between opposite poles.

Number 7; 4+3 =7
The number seven (7 = Heptad) was considered “virgin” by the ancients because no number goes into it (without a remainder), and its geometric construction cannot be captured by compass and straightedge. It appears as objects we cannot grasp like the seven colors of the rainbow and seven tones of the musical scale. The predominance of seven in religious and mythological symbolism reveals its role as the number of stages in a whole process, from the number of crystal systems and endocrine glands to chakras and “heavens” clues to the stages of our spiritual journey.

Number 5; 3+2 =5
The number five (5 = Pentad) and the regenerative geometry of the pentagon and pentagram star appear in nature and human affairs as a sign of life (the flower of every edible fruit is five-petaled). It is a worldwide symbol of humanity, authority, harmony, beauty and excellence. The golden mean of the PHI ratio also comes into play within the number five but I won’t include it here.

Number 6; 4+2 =6
The principle of sixness is that of structure, function and order, the efficient properties of space, power and time. It appears as the close-packed crystalline patterns of snowflakes, diamonds, chicken wire and honeycombs, as well as the underlying pattern within much spiritual art including the Sphinx and Egyptian jewelry and painting and Chinese sculpture. Multiples of six (especially 12, 24, 30, 36 and 60) provide the sacred measures of space, weight and time, from rulers and protractors to clocks and calendars.

90 Beat Per Minute (432 hz in Arc Minutes)

Number 9
In traditional worldwide number lore, nine, or thrice three, was referred to as “the horizon” symbolizing the ultimate, the maximum, “the whole nine yards”. Composed of three trinities (9=3×3), the number nine represents the principles of the sacred Triad taken to their utmost expression. Nine was considered thrice sacred and most holy; representing perfection, balance and order, the supreme superlative. Nine is the final number and has a specific identity. It represents the highest attainment to be achieved in any endeavor.

Number 10 (9×10 = 90)
The number ten is a traditional symbol of fulfillment, a return to unity after having gone through the experience represented by single-digit numbers. Tens, hundreds and thousands represent greater powers of Unity.

Now, what about the numbers in 440 hz tuning?

Number 4 (as described above)
The number four (4 = Tetrad) is associated with physical manifestation and its representative forms, the square, cube and tetrahedron. It takes three points to make a surface, but it takes a fourth to define depth and volume (three dimensional space and structure).

Number 8 (4+4 = 8 )
What is it about the number eight and the geometry of the octagon, which makes it so popular in the design of sacred buildings around the world? The number eight has various expressions and properties as it reveals principles of the musical octave, periodic renewal, and its work through the universe, from the mythology of Grandmother Spider and the Siberian Shaman’s eight-legged horse, the pattern of rhythmic flow symbolized in the I Ching, in computer chips, the Taoist “Eight Immortals” and Buddhist mandalas which make visible the “Eightfold Path”.

There is also the eight obstacles of the heart that Sri Yukteswar says keeps us from awakening the magnanimity of the heart. These obstacles are hatred, shame, fear, grief, condemnation, race prejudice, pride of pedigree and a narrow sense of respectability. By removal of these obstacles the magnanimity of the heart comes in. This makes it possible for man to satisfy his heart by enjoying the objects of the senses as intended for domestic life.

When you lay the number 8 on the side you will get the symbol of infinity. Some propose that “what we give, we will get” and “what goes around, comes around” and that is sometimes presented as the “infinity feedback loop”. What you feed into the loop is what you eventually will experience…

Karma is sometimes called “the moral law of cause and effect.” One could argue that this is a sort of Karmic loop that will “go on” until we break that sequence by not letting our bad history becoming our bad future.

Maybe John Lash is correct when he argues that “Karma is a rigged game”. He says that liberation from karma first comes with seeing how it is rigged, how the Archontic spin induces auto-suggestion and clouds perception, and then by simply choosing not to play that game.

Someone who harms others is condemned by their own actions to continue doing so until they self-correct—or until someone else corrects them, or stops them, dead cold. Repetition compulsion forces the doer toward self-correction, or else the sheer physical entropy of repetition will eventually undo the doer.

Why would we want to continue running in circles, instead of expanding with a fractal nature and really evolve in the magnanimity of the heart?