Audio frequencies are 40 octaves down from the Visible Light Spectrum. Alpha Wave frequencies of the brain (ELF; extremely low frequency) are 46 octaves down from the Visible Spectrum.

Like sound, colours vibrate at specific frequencies.

The Chakra Massage music will harmonize with the relevant chakra centres in the body – as heard by the ears, and interpreted by the brain as sound.

It is possible to make the brain “lock on” to certain frequencies by using different tones in the left and right ear. Some call it a “Tri Thalamic Entrainment frequency” (that normally uses a frequency of about 1.5 hz).
For example: 16000 Hz in the left ear and 16007 in the right ear would result in a brain “lock on” to 7 hz. This is well known and used in many appliances both beneficial and otherwise. This matter is serious and should not be taken lightly.
Echad utilises a variant of this “lock on” technique, called PSL (Phase Shift Lock), in  some songs. It is a usual binaural tone (one frequency in the left ear and another in the right ear) that creates a third tone in the ELF (Extreme Low Frequency). I add “spin” to the entrainment frequency in the Echad songs and thus call it simply PSL.
By using x hz in one ear and x*2 hz in the other ear it, sort of, forces the body to lock into the phased frequency.
This ELF frequency is said to affect consciousness in a very positive way. It is within the Delta range (dreamless sleep). Now, this is said (according to Ronald DeStruelle (Holistic institute)) to  promote entrainment between the hypothalamus, pituitary and pineal centers of the brain.
It is said to synchronize the functioning of the brain-stem areas also known as the extended reticular (net-like) -thalamic activation system, implicated in a variety of functions associated with consciousness.
The reticular system interprets and reacts on information from internal stimuli, emotions and beliefs as well as external sensory stimuli by regulating arousal states, focus and states of awareness.



Tune Hz * 2^40 = Light Frequency; THz

Beat Per Minute:

Tune Hz / 2^8 = # * 60 = BPM

Beat Per Arc Minute:

Tune Hz / 2^8 = # * 53.3333334 = BPM
* Why not half the BPM to get a smoother beat (130,1-140,6 = 65,05-70,3).


Type Description Tuning BPM
Platonic Year Based on fact from Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri. 408 A 95,6
Schumann Resonance frequency of the world 501 A 117,4
Natural Scale Common Harmonics in Nature 432 A 90
DNA Repair Alleged DNA Repair frequency 528(C) 123,8