Cranking Prophet knob to 5 THz

A vision came to me when playing the Prophet-5 analog synthesizer. I got an idea that if one could turn a knob, to create a sound, up to like 5 Thz, then there would be red color coming out of the speakers when playing the keyboard!

This was obviously a thought experiment, but it stuck with we for the longest time...


Playing visible light revisited

I had a vivid dream that brought my previous vision, of playing the electromagnetic spectrum of light, back into memory. I started to research audio frequencies that naturally led to connect the spiritual realm and the inaudible spectrum of energy vortexes and the human Chakra system.



Release of the Chakra Massage album

Like sound, colors vibrate at specific frequencies. The tone and frequencies of the Chakras are calculated based on the light spectra. The beat  is calculated on the corresponding wavelength of the chosen color.

By using x hz in one ear and x*2 hz in the other ear it, sort of, forces the body to lock into the phased frequency. This ELF frequency is said to affect consciousness in a very positive way. It is within the Delta range (dreamless sleep).

I would like to also mention that the "New Age" view of the Chakras, on the vertical axis, corresponding to a specific color in the visible spectrum (from Infra Red to Ultra Violet) is not really seen in the historic scriptures.


Release of Memra Echad album

The search for playable "Feel Good Vibes" continues. Turned "E" () is a symbol based upon the letter E. I ti used to represent existential quantification in predicate logic. When it appears in a formula they are referred to as an existential quantifier... "There exists".

Getting the energies working is a first step of awakening the memories of spiritual heritage. Memra being a word for memory figures constantly in the Targum as a manifestation of the divine power, or as God´s messenger...


Discover the Gift

Echad music in the Motion Picture “Discover the Gift” directed by Demian Lichtenstein (

Echad has co-composed two pieces, “Awakening” and “The Journey (Revisited)”, with the film’s composer, Carlos José Alvarez. The movie also contains five other Echad songs as well:

Chakra Massage album: “Muladhara”, “Manipura”, “Anahata” and “Ajna”
Memra ∃chad album: “DNA Repair”

Discover the Gift movie summary: A collection of powerful interviews with spiritual leaders, transformation specialist, best selling authors, and top physicists including Jack Canfield, Rev. Michael Beckwith, the Dalai Lama and David Bohm, who offer their wisdom and penetrating insights about the constant challenges of life of on earth in a compelling format that will delight and engage everyone.


Release of the One Third of Yoga and Jarun albums

Connecting to our spiritual roots...Music is a harmonious voice of creation. The ancient yogis discovered that the secret of cosmic consciousness is intimately linked with breath mastery.

Jarun is said to mean "Courageous, Logical and Compassion". In Thai it means "Beautiful Sunshine". In Icelandic it is a combination of jara "battle", "fight" and rún "secret".

Numerological definition gives a life path number of 1 for Jarun. The destiny number 1 is one of the most important figures within numerology, because it symbolizes the origin of life. The destiny number one is the symbol of a new beginning and is considered to be the number of God. At the same time 1 is also the basis for all other numbers.


Release of the Collect Call album

Still in progress....

The first song "Jesus Gathering" was made after observing the presentation held in the US by the Pope during September 23rd-25th 2015. I connected it with prophetic scriptures (in regards to what is said in John 5:43).

Collect call is for you...