Dr. Royal R. Rife – Frequency Generator

During the 1920’s and 30’s, Dr. Royal Raymond Rife produced some rather astounding accomplishments in medicine and biology. He was born in 1888, and began looking for a cure for cancer in 1920.

Life forms oscillate at certain frequencies.

If this were true, he reasoned, viruses and bacteria could be destroyed by generating energy waves dissonant to frequencies which maintained them.

Also, weakened life energy could be enhanced by subjecting organisms to the frequencies which were responsible for maintaining a healthy vibratory rate.
Dr. Rife produced a type of frequency generator, based on his theories, that could shatter bacteria, viruses, mold, and other pathogens responsible for a large number of ills.
By 1939, Dr. Rife had both identified the microbes and light flashing rates (ultrasound frequencies ) required to kill these microbes, which were associated with fifty-two major diseases, including carcinoma and sarcoma cancers. In addition to that he also could make degenerative conditions such as cataracts to be reversed.


There are machines and software available that are based on the work of Dr. Royal R. Rife. Here is one example: Turn your computer to a Rife Generator at NoRiftRife.com.
There are other alternatives to the Dr. Rife approach of “blasting apart the pathogens”, by normalizing and stimulating the functional system of the body. Echad project is one such alternative.