Echad Chakra Massage

The Chakra Massage music will, sort of, tune the chakras, or more correctly, ease blockages and enhance the memory of your own sovereign nature

Music is a harmonious voice of creation!

Each Chakra Massage song is made in the corresponding tune (frequency range) that it is designed to promote.

I recommend using headphones when listening to this music. It is preferred to be situated in a calm spot or in a meditative posture. The intent is to ease transformation and expansion. This can be assisted by meditation and inward focus but most importantly with the breath.
Many listen to this music in their favorite mp3 Player. It is a very nice complement listening to Chakra Massage Music when using the Shakti Acupressure mat.
The tone and frequencies of the chakras are calculated based on the light spectra. The beat (BPM; Beat Per Minute) is calculated on the corresponding wavelength of the chosen color.
The tune for a specific chakra is more than just that tone as any colour is actually a range of frequencies.This makes it even better in terms of great freedom when creating a musical landscape.
The main point is not to “tune” a chakra in that sense, but rather to get the energies going. When one chakra starts resonating the others will follow. Tuning the chakras gives a short lived effect due to the environment in which most people live; electric appliances, mobile phones etc.
It is possible to avoid creating dull and to monotonous pulses and sound for an effect to be projected. Now, one can create a more harmonious flow and thus create a beautiful piece of art and still have the expected effect projected.

Getting the energies working is a first step of releasing the memories of spiritual heritage (our life force, of infinite consciousness, occupying the current physical body).

Geson Perry

Chakra Location Association Color Tone BPM
Sahasrara Above Guru in the void region Transcendence Gold 486 B 113,9
Guru White
Nirwana Crown, top of the head White
Indo Above Manas  Mercy, gentleness, patience, non-attachment   Moon- white
Manas Above Ajna  Consciousness, psyche in general, even subconscious and memory
Ajna Between the eyebrows Intellect, seat of spiritual vision  Violet  432A  101,3
Talu Medulla Oblongata  Will power, concentration, and superconsciousness. Ego
Wishuddha Throat  Personal expression, creativity  Blue  405G#  94,9
Anahata Heart  Center of feeling, both emotional and intuitive aspects  Green 370F# 86,7
Hrit Below the heart  Wish-fulfilling
Manipura Sternum Base (solar Plexus)  Mental understanding of emotional life  Yellow 324E 75,9
Swadishthana Below the naval  Emotional connection. Manifestation  Orange 288D 67,5
Muladhara Base of the spine  Kinesthetic feelings, movement.  Red  270C# 117,4

Color Wavelenght (nm) Frequency (Thz) Tone Tune Hz BPM
Red (Root) 780-622 384-482 A, A# 350-439 82-102,9
Orange (Sacral) 622-597 482-503 B 439-464 102,9-108,8
Yellow (Solar Plexus) 597-577 503-520 C 464-473 108,8-110,9
Green (Heart) 577-492 520-610 C#, D 473-555 110,9-130,1
Blue (Throat) 492-455 610-659 D#, E 555-600 130,1-140,6
Violet (Third Eye) 455-390 659-769 F, F# 600-700 140,6-164,1

Placement Frequency Tone
Crown 216, 432 or 864 A
3rd Eye 144, 288 or 576 D
Throat 192, 384 or 768 G
Heart 128, 256 or 512 C
Solar Plexus 182, 364 or 728 F#
Sacral 303, 606 or 1212 Eb
Root 228, 456 or 912 Bb